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We work in partnership with parents to make the best possible medical decisions for their children.


We are currently accepting new patients.  Below is a brief list of insurance companies we are currently contracted with and links to their direct web site.  This list is not a complete list of companies we are contracted with, if you do not see your insurance company listed below, please contact our office directly.

We are currently NOT accepting new patients with PacifiCare, Tricare, Medicare and State coupons.  We are not accepting new patients with a date of birth prior to 12/31/1955.


We do not see any Labor and Industry/work related injuries.  Please call our office so we may suggest an alternative for you.


If you have an accident, please verify the type on insurance coverage you have.  If you are protected on your insurance with personal injury protection (PIP) coverage, we will bill your vehicle insurance directly, regardless of fault.  Your insurance company will then bill the at-fault insurance if necessary.  When you arrive to our office for your Motor Vehicle Accident appointment, please bring with your proof of insurance and claim number related to the accident.

Our office does not bill motor vehicle insurance other than your own.  Therefore, if you do not have PIP coverage, we will bill your medical insurance.  Most medical insurer's will deny Motor Vehicle Claims and the bill will then become your responsibility.  Our office does expect payment upon denial from your medical insurance.  It is then your responsibility to work with the motor vehicle insurance to be reimbursed for your out of pocket expenses.  Please keep any billing statements and record of payments regarding your accident as you will need this to get reimbursed.

We do not see New Patient MOTOR VEHICLE appointments.


Our office has a $25 charge for all checks returned as NSF.  For our cash discount patients, any discount will be erased and full service price will then apply along with the NSF fee of $25.

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