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We work in partnership with parents to make the best possible medical decisions for their children.


Peter LoGerfo, MD, PLLC is a full service Family Physician office.  We are your gateway to professional medical service and needs.   


Dr. LoGerfo a board certified Family Practice phyician able to care for obstetrical patients.  This is one of the most fullfilling parts of the practice for Dr. LoGerfo and his staff.  Deliveries take place at Good Samaritan Hospital.

Upon finding out you are pregnant, or if you suspect a pregnancy, we will arrange an initial nurse visit in which we will confirm your pregnancy and have a pregnancy questionairre for you to complete.  You will recieve an informational guide from Good Samaritan Hospital that will provide you with many wonderful tools to use during your pregancy.   This nurse appointment is typically made on Wednesday mornings and lasts aprox 20 minutes.

Your second visit will be with the Doctor and will consist of  a full exam.  You should expect this visit to be your longest as we do set extra time aside so that you are able to get all of your important questions answered by Dr. LoGerfo.  Typically these appointments are scheduled at 12pm or at the end of the day to allow more time. 

Subsequent visits can be scheduled at times that work with your schedule and will increase in number as your delivery date draws near.


Children of all ages are welcome in our practice.  Beginning with newborns, we can see your children all the way through their childhood and into their adult life.

We recommend that your child be seen every year for a well-child/well teen visit.  During these visits we can check to make sure that your child is developing on schedule and address any concerns or general questions you may have.

Vaccinations are offered in our clinic and should be scheduled as follows and in conjunction with a well-child visit:  Ages, 2 month; 4 month, 6 month; 12 month; 15 month; 18 month; 24 month; 4-5 year; and 12 years old.  At the 9 month well child we do screen for iron deficiency anemia, there are no immunizations given at this visit.

Children ages 9-18, are being offered the HPV vaccination which helps in the prevention of cervical cancer.  Please contact our office if you are interested in learning more about this important new vaccine.

 Contact your insurance company prior to coming in for your appointment to verify your child's benefits.

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